Thursday, February 27, 2014

Suzan Frecon : paper

Suzan Frecon is an abstract painter who works with line and geometric shape using fluid, monochrome washes. She is critically acclaimed for her sensitive arrangement of color, form, and texture and for the philosophical resonance of her art. Her works are composed with subtle, interacting arrangements of color - usually earth toned - and which are applied with meticulous attention to the physical qualities of paint. Each work is the result of a thoughtful, laborious process in which the artist sketches and revises a composition, usually evolved from previous works. She then executes a "plan" rooted in geometric and volumetric calculations and precisely defined spatial relationships. She proceeds gradually, guided by intuition; the result is a complex amalgamation of preparation and instinct, order and chance. Pictorial associations are never intentional, and Frecon refuses to imbue her paintings with symbolic undertones.Her almost tactile use of color heightens the visual experience of her work, and depending on the light source and viewing angle, different perceptions emerge. Her forms change from positive to negative, and colors and surfaces vary in terms of density and reflexivity.

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